Understanding Solar Panel Placement

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The Position of Coachella Valley Solar Panels Matters

There are a few facts about the sun most people know. Where it rises and sets, what time it’s at its highest point, and even what season Earth’s closest to it (hint: it’s not summer).

What the everyday person likely doesn’t know is how the sun’s different positions throughout the day affect Coachella Valley solar panels’ energy production. If you’re one of those people, don’t feel ashamed. This isn’t common knowledge and is why solar experts exist.

Your solar panels’ position impacts their ability to produce energy. Contact us today at Stada Energy in Coachella Valley to learn why. 

Solar Panel Orientation

Solar panel orientation is a fancy way of saying which direction solar panels face, but maybe not in the way you think. Coachella Valley solar panel orientation follows true direction. In simple terms, this means solar panel orientation follows our planet’s axis.

Being north of the equator, your optimal solar panel orientation is facing “true south.” Facing your solar panels true south increases their sun exposure and boosts energy production. Adhering to the correct solar panel orientation makes all the difference regarding your solar panels’ output.

Vertical Tilt

Vertical tilt is another fancy term used in the world of solar energy. Really, it just means solar panel angle, but what your ideal solar panel angle is isn’t as easy to translate. Your solar panels’ optimal vertical tilt has two main factors: location and time of year.

Your solar panels’ location is constant, but we can’t say the same for the time of year. Yet, there is a way to make sense of vertical tilt and all its variables.


You know your solar panels should face true south, but we still have to figure out at what angle. You can determine the proper angle by learning what your property’s latitude is. Ideally, you’ll want your solar panels and property’s latitude to be identical, but getting them as close as possible can help maximize their energy output.

Your Roof

Roof tilt affects vertical tilt, and while vertical tilt is equally important for all solar energy users, roof tilts differ, which can lead to a more complicated installation. Steep and low-angle roof tilts can make for tricky solar panel placement. Both types will likely require out-of-the-norm racks to flatten the panels, allowing them to receive more sun (it’s best to leave this type of installation up to the Coachella Valley solar experts).

The Season

At last, the one variable we can’t control: the season. No matter what happens in this life, seasons come and go. As solar energy users, all we can do is adjust the best way possible. Coachella Valley residents don’t have to worry about snow in the winter, but we do have to make some adjustments when it’s ‘tis the season.

Solar panel placement steeper than your latitude effectively compensates for your panels receiving less sun in the winter, and the opposite is true in the summer.

When the right experts handle your solar panel placement, your solar energy system will produce as much energy as possible.

How to Correctly Position Your Solar Panels in the Coachella Valley

Your location will affect your solar panels’ position. Stada Energy’s well-trained and experienced solar experts know the proper solar panel orientation and vertical tilt for your residence or commercial property. You can trust our team to install your panels where they’ll produce the most energy so you can maximize the benefits of your solar energy system.

The right team installing your solar panels helps them produce more energy. Contact Stada Energy today to schedule your installation in Coachella Valley!