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At last, electric cars are back, and this time, they are here to stay! Using power from the sun, you can minimize the amount of fossil fuels utilized and protect the environment by switching to an electric-powered vehicle.  In addition, those who utilize electric cars can also enjoy the following benefits:

  • Save Money and Time: Electric cars are easier to maintain and require less to operate. Switching to solar and an electric car will help you save on costly maintenance fees and eliminate the cost of fuel.
  • Complete Energy Independence: If you are trying to minimize your reliance on the grid, switching to solar and an EV is your best bet. You’ll get where you need to go while maintaining total energy independence!

Of course, when you switch to an electric car, finding charging stations near you is a must! That’s why Stada Energy provides solar-powered electric car charging stations—so you can charge your vehicle while it’s parked at home or at the office!

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Can I Charge an Electric Vehicle with Solar?

Yes, at Stada Energy, our solar panel systems convert direct current to alternating current. This form of electricity powers homes, businesses, and electric vehicles. If your home or business is equipped with solar, adding an electric car charging station is simple! If you are looking to add both solar and an EV charging station to your home or office, we are the team for you. We can assess your current usage and determine the most suitable system for you!

Our Coachella Valley Car Charger Installation Team is Tesla Certified!

If you are ready to eliminate the hassle from owning an electric car or, more specifically, a Tesla, it’s time to install electric vehicle charging stations! Our qualified staff can have your charging station up and running quickly and efficiently. Don’t wait another second to get in touch with the team that cares. Stada Energy is here for you!

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