Yucaipa Solar Installation

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Stada Energy can assist you in saving money and the planet when you convert to solar energy! Despite all of its benefits, making the move to solar can feel overwhelming. The solar installation team in Yucaipa is cognizant of this, and that is why Stada will guide you through each step of the process. As a family-owned business, our team promises to provide you with quality work and to always put your needs above everything else.

When you decide to go with our Yucaipa solar installation team, you benefit several different ways:

  • You will receive a FREE residential and commercial solar quote
  • Trust us to do the work right the first time
  • Our team consists of Coachella Valley natives who know how to work with our weather
  • All solar experts are NABCEP-certified
  • Each Stada team member maintains a C-10 license
  • Our services extend to installing electric car chargers, solar batteries and more!

Ready to implement solar in your life?

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Yucaipa Residential Solar Installation

Most aspects of owning a home are rewarding, but those high utility bills are not! If you are a homeowner in Yucaipa, we want you to know we have a solution! Converting to solar will substantially lower your costly utility bills, so give our solar experts in Yucaipa a ring to hear your FREE quote and benefit from huge savings!

Does Switching to Solar in Yucaipa Really Decrease Your Monthly Overhead?

It does, and that is one of the main benefits of making the switch, especially in the Coachella Valley! Since we experience chilly winters and red-hot summers, what you pay in utilities varies each season. To earn a lower, flat rate, switch to solar energy! Part of the reason you will receive this is because you elected to convert, and because Yucaipa is in a Southern California Edison zone, an area designated for additional savings. Do not let this opportunity go to waste, and call Stada’s solar experts today!

Commercial Solar Installation in Yucaipa

Every business owner wants higher profit margins. If you happen to own a business, you understand this quite well. As a family-owned business, Stada can relate, which is why we want you to know switching to solar increases your profit margins! Once you convert to solar, your monthly utility bills will decrease, allowing you to keep more money where it belongs: your bank account. This is one of the most rewarding parts of our job, so please give the team in Yucaipa a call!

Keep Your Money and Preserve Earth By Going Solar!

Solar installation in Yucaipa has never been more attainable and beneficial. Take advantage of this opportunity with the help of Stada to begin experiencing what saving feels like! You can depend on us to get the job done correctly the first time around, so call the Yucaipa solar experts today!

When you switch to solar, you are doing yourself, your wallet and the planet a favor!

You will also benefit from high tax credits! Give us a call at (760) 851-4270 today.

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