Quality is Priority at Stada Energy

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When it comes to installing a solar panel system, a battery storage system, or providing solar maintenance for your home or business, Stada Energy puts quality first! When you choose to work with our team, you can rest easily knowing your needs will always be our number one priority. We never push clients into unnecessary contracts. Instead, we focus on providing top-tier service so you, your family, and your employees can have peace of mind while saving on costly expenses.

All too often, customers contact us regarding issues with their current solar energy systems. Unfortunately, in many cases, upon visiting the customer’s home or business, we realize that the issues exist due to poorly installed systems, messy cables, and neglected roof issues. At Stada Energy, we take our time when installing new systems or fixing issues so our clients never have to worry about the integrity of their systems.

We Make Sure All Cables and Wires are Properly Installed and Organized

Similar to the solar panel system’s main unit, solar cables and wires must also be properly attached to the modules and substructures. Correctly organized wires ensure the system can withstand wind and other weather. Misplaced or disorganized wires can cause electricity arches, increase noise, and may allow for the cable loops to move back and forth. In addition, improperly organized wires can cause rain to flow towards sockets and connectors which can cause severe damage. Our Coachella Valley solar installation team works diligently to organize wires to ensure your system is working optimally at all times—rain or shine.

We Make Sure Your Roof Can Support the System

Unfortunately, many of the issues we see when called for solar panel troubleshooting involve roof issues. Because solar panel systems add weight to a roof, it is crucial that the roof is strong enough to support the added weight. Both the structure and materials effect a roof’s integrity. At Stada Energy, we will never add a system to a home or business if we do not believe the roof can support the additional weight. Our team will work with you to determine an adequate roof design that will support a solar panel energy system long-term.

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If you are ready to work with the team that puts quality first, look no further than Stada Energy. Our solar installation team in Palm Desert is prepared to work closely with you as you become part of the Stada Energy family.

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