Should I Invest in Solar Battery Storage?

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Chances are, you are one of two people. You have either purchased or leased a solar energy system and are considering whether you should take advantage of solar battery storage, OR you are considering switching to solar and having a solar battery storage system installed at the same time. If you fall into one of the previously mentioned categories, our Palm Desert battery storage installation team has some key points you should consider before making your decision.

A Battery Storage System Will Protect You During a Power Outage

While a solar panel system provides cost-effective energy day in and day out, a solar energy system will shut off during a power outage to protect workers as they repair damages and restore energy. On the contrary, a solar battery storage system can protect you and your family’s comfort in the event of a power outage. So, whether a power outage occurs due to an earthquake, a damaged transformer, or for any other reason, a battery storage system can continue to power the following parts of your home:

  • Your garage
  • Medical equipment
  • Refrigerators and other appliances
  • Lights and outlets
  • Portable cooling units
  • Your office and computer

With a battery storage system, you and your family can rest easily knowing the most important parts of your home are safe even in emergency situations.

Excess Power is Stored in the Battery and Used When Necessary

With most solar energy setups, panels are installed on the home and the system is connected to the grid. If for any reason the panels are not able to produce enough energy, the home or business draws energy from the grid to make up the difference. In cases such as this, the homeowner or business owner is responsible for paying for the energy used from the grid. However, if you have a solar battery and your panels produce more power than your home or business needs, the excess energy is sent to the battery where it is stored. This stored energy is then used when your solar energy system is not able to produce as much energy. Think of it as extended independence from the grid.

There are Incentives for California Residents

The Self-Generation Incentive Program, commonly referred to as SGIP, is a program that is designed to incentivize California-residents for supporting energy resources such as advanced energy storage systems and more. If your home or business qualifies, you may be eligible for a rebate for your solar energy system!

Let Stada Energy Be Your Guide to Energy Independence

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