The Importance of Choosing a Local Company When Going Solar

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If you have decided to make the switch to solar, you are probably finding yourself looking for the right solar installation company. As you already know, this is an important decision and a variety of factors should be considered. At Stada Energy, we know the choices are endless, but we are here to explain the importance of choosing a local company for all your solar needs.

Local Solar Companies Understand Local Utilities, Permits, and Incentives

You’ve decided to make the switch to solar, and now there is the question of whether you will select a national installer or a local installer. While there are advantages and disadvantages to both, many customers find that choosing a local company is most beneficial. This is because national solar companies, more specifically those that are not native to a customer’s area, have a difficult time navigating issues that involve utility companies. A local company, like Stada Energy, is more familiar with state incentives, permit requirements, the local utility companies.

A Local Solar Company Understands the Weather Conditions of the Area

If you are a Coachella Valley local or own a vacation rental in the area, you understand the harsh weather conditions that occur both in the summer and winter. Local companies, then, have a unique and comprehensive understanding of these weather conditions and can ensure your solar panel system is set up to withstand even the most severe weather conditions while maximizing energy output.

A Coachella Valley Solar Company Can Service Your System Year-Round

Unlike national companies that must schedule maintenance, troubleshooting, and other services for an unknown amount of time, a local company is more able to accommodate your schedule. At Stada Energy, we know how busy life can become, and we are here to service your solar panel or battery storage system in Palm Desert at a time that is convenient for you and your family.

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