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If you want to save money and the planet simultaneously, turn to Stada Energy’s Desert Hot Springs solar installation team! Making the switch is a big decision, and quite frankly, it can be intimidating at first, but our solar experts are aware of this. They know the necessary steps to ensure converting to solar is a hassle-free process for you. As a family-owned business, two pillars of Stada are providing you with honest work and putting your needs first.

Below are some of the benefits you will experience when you pick Stada:

  • Your quote for both residential and commercial solar is FREE
  • We do work correctly the first time
  • Our team members are from the Coachella Valley, so we are used to and can handle the weather
  • Every member of our team is NABCEP certified
  • Stada’s employees maintain a C-10 electrical license to assure quality work
  • We can install solar batteries, electric car chargers and more!

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Residential Solar Installation in Desert Hot Springs

Owning a home comes with its fair share of expenses, but there are ways to lessen them. One is by converting to solar energy. Savings will begin immediately, so call our Desert Hot Springs team to receive a FREE quote and learn how you can minimize your overhead!

Can Solar Energy Actually Lower Your Utility Bills?

Here is some good news for you, yes it can, especially living in the Coachella Valley! With crisp winters and searing summers, how much you spend on your utility bills varies season to season. Once you switch to solar energy, you lock in a lower rate for your utility bill by earning an affordable fare because you decided to go solar. Another reason to look into solar installation in Desert Hot Springs is because it is a Southern California Edison zone, which means you qualify for exclusive financial benefits! Do your bank account a favor and call our Desert Hot Springs solar experts!

Desert Hot Springs Commercial Solar Installation

The primary indicator of knowing whether or not you are running a successful business is how profitable you are. That is why every business owner is constantly looking for additional avenues to make that happen, and converting to solar energy is one of them. When you go solar and save on your costly utility bills, you will see increased profit margins and be able to apply those savings to other aspects of your business in order to prosper! Stada’s solar experts in Desert Hot Springs are available to help you accomplish this!

Do Your Wallet and Planet a Favor When You Go Solar!

Seeing high utility bills take a good chunk of your hard-earned money every month is no fun, but it does not have to be this way. Stada’s Desert Hot Springs solar experts can help you save your money and reduce your footprint on our planet! Our team will do the job right the first time. That way, you will benefit from your new solar energy system immediately!

Preserve the planet and your money!

Switch to solar in Desert Hot Springs to benefit from high tax credits while you still can! We are looking forward to working with you.

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