Is Solar Effective in the Winter?

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Can Solar Weather Winter?

Many are under the impression solar panels do not operate well during the winter, when the days are shorter and there is less exposure to the sun, unless you reside in the Coachella Valley. Stada Energy is here to put this fallacy to rest and educate you on how Coachella Valley solar panels are effective twelve months a year!

Still in Power

Despite the decrease in sun exposure during wintertime, solar panels function more efficiently than they do in the warmer months. They utilize the sunlight they absorb more methodically, and as a result, create additional savings for their owners. In order to get the most out of solar, you can tilt the panels towards the sun to increase their exposure. The direction is dependent on the season, so consult with the Coachella Valley solar team prior to adjusting the panels on your home or business. Always remember it is light that fuels solar panels, not heat!

Cold Hard Savings

Here we covered how much solar saves you on energy costs and taxes, and now we want you to know you can maximize your savings in the winter. As beautiful as sunny California is, its electricity rates are among the highest in the country. This is why the state’s residents who do go solar enjoy one of the highest amounts of annual savings, especially when they convert in the winter. Capitalize on the opportunity so your savings skyrocket!

The Proof is in the Power

Increasing the amount you save is enough motivation to come to the light side, but we still wanted to gather some additional fun facts to prove how sustainable solar is:

  • Germany receives roughly the same amount of sunshine as Alaska, yet solar is responsible for a significant portion of its national energy.
  • In the top 25 cities in the United States that benefit the most from solar, at least 15 endure either rainy or snowy winters.
  • White snow reflects light and improves solar performance.

The last point does not necessarily apply to us in the Coachella Valley, but if solar can thrive in snowier locations, one of our winters is a piece of cake!

Lighten Up this Season

As surprising as it may be, installing solar panels in the winter garners the best results. Do not let anymore time pass, and call Stada Energy so Coachella Valley’s best solar team can equip you to save big!

‘Tis the season to contact the Coachella Valley solar installation team!