What Are Solar Farms and What Purpose Do They Serve?

Solar Energy for Your Community

Solar farms are used to collect energy via solar panels to be sent to the grid or supplied to customers of the grid. They are typically used to support power supplies in their coverage areas in two different ways: community solar farms or utility solar farms.

These solar power farms operate as power plants, just like traditional power plants used across the country. Solar farms can also be described as ground-mounted solar power arrays that are large enough to supply power to multiple households.

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Community Solar Farms

What separates community solar farms from utility solar farms is the consumer they serve. Community-scale farms sell directly to homeowners or renters. Community solar farms are often installed near the community and homes they serve in a suitable location such as a field or on a hillside.

Community solar farms are sometimes purchased by way of investments of the homeowners they will serve. These solar farms can partially or fully power their community through a power outage when homes tied to the grid will lose power.

Utility Solar Farms

Large-scale solar farms that supply directly to the grid are typically known as utility solar farms. The power produced by these solar farms can be sold to wholesale utility buyers or directly by an electric utility company. These must be installed in an open area large enough to house them near the city it serves.

The Benefits of Solar Farms

There are three main benefits of solar farms for the cities and communities they serve:

  • Environmentally friendly: They use fewer fossil fuels than traditional power plants, do not discharge harmful, atmospheric contaminants, and do not contaminate land or water.
  • Sustainability: Sun energy is renewable and continually available in areas of adequate amounts of sunlight. This energy source will not run out and will not become scarce as time passes.
  • Low maintenance: Solar panels tied into solar farms often require very little maintenance once installed. Beyond their semi-annual cleaning, they can typically work up to two decades without repairs.

Coachella Valley Solar Solutions with Stada Energy

If you are ready to switch your home from traditional power to solar energy, Stada Energy in Coachella Valley can help. Whether you are linking into a community solar farm or want to install an independent home solar system, we can work with you to integrate seamlessly. Don’t fight rising energy prices by reducing your lighting or going without air conditioning this summer. Power your home with renewable energy from the sun all year long so you can stay cool and stay out of the dark.

With the addition of solar farms to increasing communities and utilities, there is no reason to rely on fossil fuels and traditional energy. If your community allows you to go solar, now is the time to take it.

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