3 Ways to Monitor Your Solar Energy System

Solar Monitoring for Your Coachella Valley Solar Energy System

Solar monitoring systems use sensors and communication equipment that attaches to your solar arrays. The sensors track the production data from each panel, sending it to the communication center. Communication may be via hardwiring, Internet connection (ethernet or Wi-Fi), or cellular technology. This information is collected and stored via cloud-based software. Homeowners use the data collected through various monitoring platforms, on their mobile app, or via a web portal.

At Stada Energy, we are happy to help our Coachella Valley solar energy customers monitor their solar production and usage. We know the importance of easy access to information about your system. It helps to ensure system performance and be quickly aware of any problems with your solar panels or system.

Call the Coachella Valley solar energy professionals at Stada Energy to learn more about solar monitoring and discuss the options that will work with your new or existing system.

Data Provided by Solar Energy System Monitoring

You can view a variety of data by way of graphs and data charts:

  • Individual panel production
  • Daily solar energy production
  • Energy usage
  • Savings based on electric bills

3 Options for Solar Monitoring Systems

There are three primary types of solar monitoring systems:

  • Equipment integrated systems. This type of system tracks solar production via the solar energy inverter. Whether you have a string inverter or microinverter, either option can be outfitted with solar monitoring. This type of inverter-integrated equipment typically monitors solar energy production, home energy use, and additional system data. They are available for most solar brands and offer easy-to-use and read results on mobile apps or via web access.
  • Installer solar monitoring. Many solar installers offer solar monitoring applications, which usually reformat the inverter information to be more homeowner-friendly. They will also include information about upcoming electric bills, local weather alerts, and online billing. Installer monitoring services can be managed and provided by your installation company or can be set up by the company for homeowner monitoring access.
  • Third-party home energy monitors. This type of monitoring equipment is offered by stand-alone monitoring companies, providing installation services or equipment that measures your home’s overall energy use by attaching the equipment to your home’s main electrical panel. The sensors track energy that flows through the home’s circuits, some even tracking major appliances. They can integrate with smart home devices, using energy detection to monitor energy use. These may report per-watt energy usage, electricity costs, and greenhouse gas emissions. Often, they work alongside other installer equipment or inverter-based monitoring systems, providing a broader spectrum of information, and even offering alerts for high energy use.

Stada Energy: Your Coachella Valley Solar Installers

As new or existing solar energy consumers, you will quickly understand the importance of keeping a close eye on your solar energy production. From panel-by-panel production data to home energy consumption, solar monitoring is key to solar energy conversion. With information about your system at your fingertips, you can prevent expensive damage, detect changes in production, and keep track of how much energy you use.

Let the solar experts at Stada Energy help with solar monitoring systems and services, so you have a finger on the pulse of your system. Call the Coachella Valley solar installers at Stada Energy today!