5 Best Industries for Commercial Solar

Commercial Solar for Your Coachella Valley Business

Although solar is great for homes and businesses alike, some industries are perfect for solar energy use. Solar can help your business save on commercial energy costs, reduce environmental impact, and show your customers you care about going green. From farming industries to digital businesses, solar is a great choice for your commercial electricity.

The Coachella Valley commercial solar experts at Stada Energy can help you determine if solar is right for you. Offering insight into the savings you can expect, how much solar your business will need, and what will fit your roof space.

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Top Industries that Can Benefit from Commercial Solar

  1. Industrial or Manufacturing Facilities. Industrial and manufacturing facilities utilize substantial energy to run heavy machinery, sustain climate control, and provide ample lighting. They are ideal candidates for solar, as they can offset the grid-energy use and reduce their utility bills, increasing their bottom line. Reduced operational costs with solar can also promote the sustainability of their business and its stability in an ever-changing economy. With additional energy storage using solar batteries, it can further offset peak-energy use hour charges and reduce grid use when switched to the stored energy.
  2. Data Centers- Digital infrastructure facilities draw constant, consistent energy from the grid to maintain function. As they are in continuous operation, these businesses are perfect for solar conversion. Data centers can greatly benefit from solar energy systems that provide a significant reduction in grid-energy dependence, which is typically the greatest cost for this type of business.
  3. Warehouse and Distribution Centers- Not only do warehouses and distribution centers have expansive roof space, but they often have high energy demands. From extensive lighting and climate control to equipment-based energy consumption, warehouses, and distribution industries pay some of the highest electricity costs. Solar energy would provide a reduction in grid energy costs, create cost predictability, and reduce environmental impact.
  4. Office Buildings- Office buildings have relatively predictable and high energy consumption along with ideal roof space for solar energy panels. Utilizing solar energy can reduce operational costs caused by lighting, office equipment, heating, and cooling. With battery storage, business owners can also expect even higher savings and reliability for their vital digital systems.
  5. Farming Industries-Farming industries are another ideal candidate for solar energy with the daily use of heavy equipment and machinery needed to feed and care for animals, water, tend to, and harvest crops. With solar, farmers can run their business sustainably and reduce operational costs. Added battery storage provides reliability and safeguards against blackouts and power outages.

Switch to Solar in the Coachella Valley with Stada Energy

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