5 Ways to Increase Solar Panel Efficiency

Maximize Solar Power and Reduce Energy Loss in the Coachella Valley

The technology of solar panels is ever-changing and advancing, with new developments in design, materials, and manufacturing. With goals of efficiency, longevity, and maximum energy production, solar panels are made to give you the most power possible.

The goals of efficiency include:

  • Maximize energy output
  • Minimize energy loss
  • Maximize energy conversion from the sun to electricity

At Stada Energy, we want to help you get the most out of your solar energy system, so we install quality panels and components, provide system monitoring and efficiency testing, and offer maintenance and repairs for our Coachella Valley customers. We can help you enjoy the benefits of solar for decades to come.

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5 Tips for Solar Panel Efficiency

  1. Keep the panels clean. Dust, dirt, debris, animal droppings, and leaves can accumulate and reduce the panel’s ability to capture energy from the sun. Dirty solar panels can lose 25-30% efficiency. This can be more of a problem in dusty or polluted environments, where you may need more frequent cleanings. With regular cleanings, you can maximize solar absorption and subsequent production of electricity.
  2. Proper tilt and orientation. Placement, orientation, and tilt are essential for maximized efficiency. Homes in Southern California should place their panels facing true south, while the tilt should be adjusted according to the latitude of the location to maximize exposure. Panel orientation should maximize exposure and minimize shade.
  3. Minimize or eliminate shade. Keeping your panels out of the shade optimizes sunlight, so when possible, avoid placement around trees, buildings, and structures to ensure optimal exposure.
  4. Optimize inverter performance. Inverter performance is an integral part of maximizing efficiency. Your inverter collects the direct current (DC) electricity and converts it into alternating current (AC) to power your home. Installation of a quality inverter, regular monitoring, and maintenance will keep it working as it should to provide energy all year.
  5. Utilize solar system monitoring, maintenance, and repairs. Monitoring systems and services help you have confidence that your system is working at optimal efficiency. Monitoring allows you to identify changes quickly and easily in output or issues with your panels or system. Fluctuation or drops in output or error messages will alert you to the possible need for maintenance and repairs so you can get back to maximum efficiency ASAP.

Coachella Valley Solar Efficiency Solutions with Stada Energy

Stada Energy is your trusted solar installer in the Coachella Valley, with years in the industry and the knowledge you can count on to provide excellent service and quality products. We are happy to help you increase efficiency with monitoring, maintenance, and repairs to your new or existing solar energy system.

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