What to Expect During Your Solar Energy System Inspection

Solar Energy Inspections: Your New Coachella Valley Solar System

Stada Energy is happy to help customers understand what licensed inspectors will look for during their post-installation solar inspection. Solar energy system inspections occur once your system is installed to ensure it meets all required safety standards and check that the installation is completed according to regulations. With Stada Energy, you can have confidence that your panel and system components, as well as installation, are high quality, regulated by state and local standards, and able to pass inspection.

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Why Are Solar Inspections Performed?

Solar energy inspections are necessary for permitting and to make sure that your system is running as it should while ensuring installation standards are upheld. Inspection will check for structural integrity, electrical system compliance, and fire resistance. There are several functions of a solar energy system inspection, during which a licensed, professional inspector will inspect, test, and evaluate your system for:

  • Installation quality
  • Equipment compatibility
  • Output consistency
  • Solar panel condition
  • Safety system functionality
  • Performance standards

Based on the solar inspector’s observations and testing done during the inspection, your system will pass inspection or repairs will be recommended for system components or damaged panels.

Structural Inspection of Your New Coachella Valley Solar System

Inspection will be performed for roof structure and mount structural integrity, both essential for system stability and safety. Your roof should have no signs of damage, no missing shingles, and should not be sagging. The mounts, supports, and fasteners should be free of corrosion, cracks, or other damages. The inspector will also check all the bolts, welds, and fasteners, along with a visual inspection of each solar panel.

Solar System Electrical System Inspection

During your system inspection, the inspector will include inspection of the electrical service panel, breakers, and wire gauges. They will check for proper grounding and look for any loose wires, burnt connectors, or any wiring defects. They will also perform tests on the inverter, battery function, and overcurrent protection devices.

Fire Resistance Check for Your Solar Energy System

Three ratings for fire safety will be reviewed during your inspection: Class A, B, and C. Your roof must meet at least a Class C rating for fire safety, wherein the roof has available access points along with pathways for fire department accessibility. These are necessary to perform smoke ventilation operations.

Trust Stada Energy with Your Coachella Valley Solar Installation

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