5 Benefits of Installing an Electric Car Charger at Home

Charging Your Electric Vehicle at Home in the Coachella Valley

As more and more electric vehicles become available and more affordable, having an EV charger at home becomes essential. It’s more than just convenient; it’s a worthwhile investment for you and future homeowners. Installation of EV chargers is just one of the services provided by Stada Energy, with renewable energy solutions and alternative energy options for home and business owners alike. Our Coachella Valley EV charger installers can help you discover the convenience and economic benefits of installing an electric car charger at home.

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Five Reasons to Install an EV Charger at Home

Installing an electric vehicle charger at your home affords you the freedom to charge your electric car, SUV, or truck at home without the trouble of waiting in lines, paying at the station, and more. Here are five reasons to charge at home with your electric vehicle charger installed by our team.

  1. Convenience. With an at-home charger, there is no waiting in line or having to plan a trip to find an EV charger before you leave. You can charge your EV overnight, when you head home for lunch, or whenever you need to.
  2. Economic investment. Home electric vehicle chargers utilize your home’s electricity, which will usually be less expensive than the cost of electric charging at a public station. If you have solar power at home, you can utilize that renewable energy for your EV charger, giving you the benefit of not having to pay for EV charging using on-grid electricity.
  3. Lower carbon footprint. Charging at home means you don’t have to drive to charging stations or utilize grid-tied energy to charge that is not connected to your home, especially if you have solar. With a solar-powered EV charger at home, you are one step closer to using 100% renewable energy and being able to be energy-independent.
  4. Resale value. With the rise in electric vehicle availability, many more homeowners are looking for homes that come ready with chargers and accessibility. If your home has a pre-installed EV charging station, the resale value increases, and your home is more appealing to environmentally friendly customers.
  5. More control. With technological advances in the world of electric vehicles and charging an at-home charger gives you more power to accommodate them. It can be controlled to suit the needs of your specific vehicle, from scheduling on and off times to energy flow that meets your vehicle’s unique needs.

Install an EV Charger at Your Coachella Valley Property with Stada Energy

The Coachella Valley energy experts at Stada Energy are here to help you grow in energy independence, lower your carbon footprint, and make going solar and electric easier with EV charging stations at home. Our energy professionals can help you move towards renewable energy and self-sufficiency with electric vehicle charging at your fingertips. Let Stada Energy take your home into the future with EV charging station installation where you need it most.

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