Blackout Preparedness and Solar Energy

Protecting Your Home During Blackouts with Solar Energy in the Coachella Valley

As rolling blackouts increase, grid interruptions are frequent, and power supply is unpredictable, homeowners need power alternatives now more than ever. Luckily, with renewable energy, like solar from Stada Energy, you can have a power source unaffected by grid-based blackouts. Even if you are not ready to install solar for daily use, or converting your home to solar is not in your budget, you have options that can still safeguard your home when the power is out.

Stada Energy can help with all your solar energy needs, from blackout preparedness to whole-home integration. Our Coachella Valley solar installers are here to help your family feel secure, knowing your home’s essential functions can still work when the grid goes down.

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Preparing Your Home and Family for Blackouts

Whether the blackouts you experience are planned or are the unexpected result of a storm, damaged power lines, or other emergency, there are ways to be ready to keep your home’s essential functions running.

Take the steps below to move smoothly through blackouts in the Coachella Valley:

  • Unplug your electronic devices including TVs, computers, microwaves, and refrigerators to protect them from sudden power surges. Power surges can damage sensors and motors, creating bigger problems once the power returns.
  • Sign up for alerts from your utility company about potential planned blackouts, accidents, or emergencies, the affected areas, and when to expect power restoration.
  • Save your phone battery for emergency use, shutting down apps and using power-save mode if possible. You can also invest in a portable charger to keep on hand during power outages.
  • Keep your fridge closed as much as possible and eat perishable foods first during a blackout to preserve refrigerator and freezer temperatures and not waste food.
  • Store flashlights and candles in easy-to-access places throughout the house to be sure everyone can move without risk during a blackout.

Solar Energy, Solar Batteries, and Off-Grid Options

The benefits of solar during blackouts and power interruptions are highly reliant upon how your system is configured and whether you have battery storage. Solar batteries are key to reliable backup power during outages, supply power to critical appliances and devices, and offer security during emergencies.

Outfitting your home with solar panels and battery storage, either grid-tied or off-grid, allows you to power your home’s essential devices such as refrigerators, medical devices, and cell phones, even when the grid is down. The excess solar your panels produce is stored in your batteries to be used in an emergency, or during a planned blackout, so you don’t have to stop living until the lights are back on. Power supply capability depends upon the capacity of your battery storage, meaning you may not be able to power your whole home or will be limited on the number of hours your power will last if your battery storage is not adequate for what you want to power.

If your home is set up to be off-grid, your solar energy system and battery storage can keep you running normally, even when your neighbors are affected by grid blackouts. Going off-grid provides a sense of security and ease no matter what the grid is experiencing.

A solar generator and portable panels provide power during emergencies even if you are not regularly using solar at home. This miniature, simple version of a solar energy system offers security during blackout emergencies to use your cell phone, medical devices, and other small appliances until the power returns.

Solar Energy Solutions in the Coachella Valley

Solar energy offers a renewable, reliable solution to traditional energy with a bonus of security and peace of mind. Stada Energy’s Coachella Valley solar installers can help you prepare for rolling blackouts and emergency power outages with solar options at home or work. Let our team keep your essential functions moving, even when the grid is shut down.

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