5 Home Appliances that Solar Can Power

Solar Power for Your Home in the Coachella Valley

Powering your home with solar energy is easier than ever, with advancements in panels and systems that take us into the future of renewable energy. Most homeowners have friends, family, and neighbors who have been using solar for years but may still be unsure how well solar will power their home. At Stada Energy, we can help you build the ideal system for your home and its individual energy needs.

Let us help you build the solar energy system you need and want, with options for solar energy storage, off-grid use, and more. We can help you power your home day and night with solar energy from Stada Energy.

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Factors that Contribute to Solar Energy Usage

How well your solar energy system powers the appliances depends on a few key factors:

  • Power requirement: All appliances need different amounts of energy to operate efficiently. Appliances that require less energy to complete a full cycle are easier to run using solar panel power.
  • Solar system size: A larger solar energy system will produce more power than a minimal system, meaning the larger the system, the better it will support your home’s major appliances.
  • Region and panel placement: The combination of being in a sunny region, like the Coachella Valley, and having optimal solar panel placement means you receive the maximum amount of solar energy and can power appliances with ease.

5 Solar Energy Compatible Appliances

With adequate power production from your solar panels, many of your home appliances can run without worry. Using renewable energy to perform household activities helps you build a sustainable lifestyle while saving money and the environment.

Which appliances can run on solar energy?

  1. Clothes washing machine: Most clothes washers can be powered by solar panels. One way to maintain maximum washing machine energy efficiency is to wash loads on a cold setting. Additional energy is needed to heat the water, increasing the draw on your solar energy system.
  2. Clothing dryer: Clothes dryers are highly compatible with solar energy power, using less energy than other major appliances. When choosing a new dryer that provides maximum efficiency, choose a condenser over a vented dryer. Condenser-style dryers use less energy over time.
  3. Dishwasher: The size of your dishwasher determines how much energy it will consume, with high-capacity washers needing more energy than compact versions. Running the dishwasher during peak sunlight hours will ensure it can be powered easily with solar.
  4. Refrigerator: Because this kitchen appliance runs 24/7/365, you will need to determine its specific energy consumption to understand how much solar energy it will consume. If your energy system produces enough energy during the day but you do not have battery storage, you may choose to power your refrigerator during the day but utilize grid energy at night.
  5. Air conditioner: Air conditioners are the most important home appliance for Coachella Valley homes. Every air conditioning system will consume different amounts of energy depending on how often it runs, the duration of working time, and how efficient your HVAC system is. If your solar system produces adequate power, it should keep your home cool throughout the day. If you install solar battery storage, it will help to run your solar energy system even when the sun goes down and the system is not receiving solar energy.

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