How Does Residential Solar Compare to RV Solar?

Residential Solar, RV Solar, and You

The invention of solar panels was a revolutionary moment for humanity: it allowed us to improve our satellites and space shuttles, made our homes more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, and gave RV drivers a chance to go a little more off the grid. With the development of smaller, lighter, and more efficient solar panels, improving or installing a solar energy system for your Coachella Valley home (or your home-on-wheels) has never been more accessible.

At Stada Energy, our solar technicians can help you find the best solar energy system to fit your needs. Whether you need panels to power your RV or you’re trying to save on the electricity bill at home, our trusted team of technicians will help get you set-up with the system that’s right for you.

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The Key Differences

There aren’t many differences between residential and RV solar, but when evaluating your solar needs, there are two important factors to consider: size and power.

Most residential solar panels are meant to go on houses, with sizes typically around 65-70 inches by 40-45 inches, and they can weigh anywhere between 40 and 50 pounds. An RV solar panel is designed with a smaller surface in mind, and is more narrow, with panels typically sized at 40-45 inches by 20-25 inches, and weighing less than 15 pounds on average.

Residential panels provide a much higher wattage (350 watts versus 100 watts) and typically, a much higher voltage (30+ volts versus 12-24 volts) in comparison to an RV panel.

Can Residential Solar Be Used on my RV?

You might find yourself asking if you can use a residential solar panel on your RV and get the same benefits that you would on a house, and the answer might surprise you – with the proper installation from trusted experts, and some upgraded equipment, you can use a residential solar panel on any RV with a roof that can accommodate it.

If you do, you’ll want to make sure that you have everything in order: an upgraded battery bank (to store all that excess power), the right solar panel for you (remember size and power matter), and the right team and tools for the job – which Stada Energy has been happily providing to the Coachella Valley since 2016.

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