How Solar Energy Systems Work

Residential Solar Energy Systems in the Coachella Valley

There are 2 types of solar energy technology used in most solar energy systems: photovoltaic (PV) and concentrating solar-thermal power (CSP). The familiar solar energy systems used at home or for commercial solar utilize photovoltaics or PV solar energy.

Stada Energy’s solar energy experts in the Coachella Valley provide a variety of residential and commercial solar energy system options using this photovoltaic technology. Our team is happy to help you understand how your system works and provide the information you need to monitor your system’s energy production and efficiency.

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How Solar Energy is Generated by Solar Panels

Solar energy systems are comprised of panels, connective wiring, an inverter, an electrical panel, the electric meter, and of course, the sun.

Each of your solar panels is constructed of:

  • Layers of silicon cells
  • A metal frame
  • Glass casing covered by a special film
  • Wire framework

These panels are grouped in an ordered series, called an array, to create your panel system. They are typically mounted on your roof or using outdoor mounting on the ground. The cells in the panels are the photovoltaic part of the panel, which is the part that absorbs the sunlight.

The photovoltaic silicon cells within the panels are made up of a positively and negatively charged layer. These two opposing layers form an energetic field that is charged when hit by the sun. The energy produced in this charge is what becomes the electrical current.

The electrical current created by the sun is called direct current, or DC. The electricity used in our homes is called alternating current, or AC. Because of this, the DC solar energy needs to be converted to AC using a solar inverter. Inverters are configured for the entire system or as microinverters attached to each panel.

Once you have the converted solar power in the form of alternating current, it flows from the system to your home’s electrical panel. The energy is distributed throughout your home to power your appliances, technology, and HVAC system, to name a few.

Coachella Valley Customized Solar Energy with Stada Energy

Backed by years in the industry, the solar experts at Stada Energy can help you with a customized solar energy system that will fit your energy needs and your budget. Our Coachella Valley solar energy experts have the experience and knowledge you need to have confidence in your solar installation. Once installed, our team can help with maintenance, cleaning, and repairs, keeping your system running for years to come.

Choosing solar can help you save money, become more energy-independent, and live more sustainably. It offers immediate savings on your utility costs, earns local and federal tax credits or rebates, and helps you keep your essential functions running even when the grid is down.

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