What to Consider When Designing Your Solar Energy System

Solar Energy System Installation in the Coachella Valley

The benefits of solar are undeniable, and more and more homeowners are making the switch to renewable energy. As you get excited about immediate utility savings and look forward to federal tax credits, there are some things to consider before you can install.

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Factors to Consider Before Your Solar Installation

To ensure that your solar energy system will run at maximum efficiency and optimal output, there are several factors to consider before scheduling your installation.

  1. Home location and roof incline- Determine the areas of your home and roof that receive the most sunlight and which directions the areas face. Once you understand this, determine the incline of your roof (most solar companies will do this for you) which will be integral in the interaction between the sun and the solar panels. The more sun that hits the panels, the more energy will be produced for your home, so incline and roof direction will be important parts of solar system design.
  2. Energy requirements- When designing your solar energy system, you need to decide if you want to be able to go completely off the grid or if you will still be connected to and reliant upon the grid. Regardless, you will want to determine how much energy your home needs to run. Understanding the maximum energy usage and average energy usage of your home will help determine how much solar energy your system needs to produce and how many panels will be needed to do so.
  3. Battery storage- You will need to decide if you want battery storage included with your new system. Battery storage will be an important part of your solar energy system design. This will be essential if you plan to go off-grid, as you will need stored energy to run your home at night or when the grid is down. The size of your battery storage system will be based on whether you plan to run your home completely off the batteries or if you only plan to use the battery’s stored energy in emergencies and for essential functions.
  4. Budget and Costs- As you consider installation, you can discuss your budget with your contractor and review options for payment. There are usually several options for payment, including deciding if you want to purchase or lease your panels. This is also where your incentives come in and when you will want to determine what tax credits, incentives, and rebates are available.

Coachella Valley Solar Installation with Stada Energy

The popularity of solar energy, the affordability of solar as the industry grows, and the available rebates and incentives make switching to this renewable energy a no-brainer- almost. Discuss all the factors with the professionals who know the pros and cons. Stada Energy offers you professional installation, expert service, and top-tier products. When it’s time to make the switch, choose the Coachella Valley professional solar installers at Stada Energy.

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