5 Reasons to Go Solar Before the Summer

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Coachella Valley Solar Energy with Stada Energy

Summer in Southern California is continually record-breaking as temps rise and energy costs rise with them. Coachella Valley residents can take advantage of the benefits of solar energy to combat the effects of heat on their power bills. The team of Coachella Valley solar energy specialists at Stada Energy can help you determine how much solar can help you save and how easy it is to make the switch. Install solar before summer and reap the benefits all year long.

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5 Ways Installing Solar Now is Beneficial

Solar energy systems start your savings as soon as you install and installing before the summer is beneficial for several reasons, including:

  1. Rising Energy Costs: California residents are no stranger to rising energy costs, especially after power companies spend big bucks on lawsuits, wildfire reparations, and lessening energy consumption due to solar options. Energy companies plan to continue cost increases to offset their decrease in revenue and increase in company costs. Don’t let rising costs affect your spending habits this summer, take the money back from big business and let the sun power your home.
  2. Lowering Cooling Costs: The highest energy bills often accompany the high temperatures of summer in Southern California because our HVAC systems are often one of our biggest energy consumers. Solar can help greatly decrease your energy costs by offsetting the higher energy consumption as temperatures rise.
  3. Tax Credit: Many Coachella Valley homeowners can receive a tax credit for solar panel purchase and installation for their homes. 2021 tax credits are at 22%, with future tax credits to be determined. Waiting may risk a lower or nonexistent tax credit in future years. Don’t wait until tax credits disappear.
  4. Faster Installation: Choosing to go solar and install before the summer months affords you more options for installation times and faster installation overall. Don’t wait until the temperatures rise and more people want to install solar when they see their electric bills. Install now to get the installation done and enjoy the benefits all summer long.
  5. Immediate Benefits: Springtime offers a great amount of sunlight that solar panels need without the high heat that taxes them. This is the perfect time to see just how much solar energy systems can impact your home’s energy consumption and decrease your energy bills.

Go Solar Now Before Summer Hits the Coachella Valley

Be prepared this summer with solar power systems from Stada Energy. Let our team of Coachella Valley solar installers help you get in front of your energy bills and ahead of the energy companies as costs are on the rise. We can help you build a solar system for your home that suits your needs, fits your budget, and creates a positive energy flow for your home’s systems.

Take advantage of solar power ASAP: contact our Coachella Valley solar panel installation team at Stada Energy today.