Do I Need a Solar Battery with My System?

Coachella Valley Solar Power Systems and Storing Energy

Although battery storage is not required to reap the benefits of solar energy, it allows you to be off-grid if you choose to. Your storage options are typically one of two choices: store your excess energy using the power company’s grid or store it in a solar battery system on your property. It truly depends on what your goals are, what you are focused on concerning ROI, and how you want to manage your solar energy.

At Stada Energy, our Coachella Valley solar energy professionals can help you decide what system works best for you and whether or not you will benefit from including a battery in your system. Let our expertise benefit your home’s sustainability and how your family utilizes energy moving forward.

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3 Benefits of Battery Storage for Your Solar Power System

There are three main benefits of including a battery in your solar panel and system installation: emergency backup (during power outages), independence from the grid, and consumption management and optimization. Control over the power you produce puts the management of that power in your hands, no matter what is going on with the standard grid of power.

One of the biggest appeals of utilizing a battery for solar energy storage is having access to power when there is a blackout, or in an emergency usage situation. This is especially useful with Southern California summers and blackouts due to excessive power usage or the risk of fires. SoCal residents that are off-grid and utilizing a solar panel and battery system can maintain power use regardless of grid shut down issues. Emergency access to power, when the rest of the grid has gone dark, gives you the ability to keep critical electricity-run medical devices working, business from crashing, and lifestyle power use moving normally.

Grid independence offers you not only emergency power access even when the grid is down but also the ability to recharge your batteries during a blackout. Grid independence also provides the platform for running your home completely on clean energy. Installing a battery does not require that you be off-grid, as you can charge your battery and share your excess power with the grid, but it gives you the option to disconnect if you choose to do so. As more and more consumers want to change the way they interact with existing energy systems and the way they impact the environment, solar power systems with battery storage offer the chance to do things differently.

Consumption management and optimization is a highly appealing benefit of integrating a battery for solar energy storage. Utilizing that stored energy during peak hours means saving money exponentially over time. Battery storage allows you to avoid high rates for energy use, often reducing your bill month-to-month as soon as the system is in use. Solar battery storage allows you to manage your energy consumption and how you manage the return on energy. Adversely, if you share your excess energy with the grid, the power company may reimburse you or give you a credit, but it is not typically as much as they would charge during peak use times.

Solar Power and Your Home’s Energy in Coachella Valley

The Coachella Valley team of solar power installers at Stada Energy understands the desire to be energy autonomous as power costs increase, the heat continues to strain our home’s temperature control, and options increase for alternative energy solutions. Installation of a solar power system including a battery for storage gives you the ultimate control over your home’s energy consumption and can save you money by removing your home from the power grid. Choosing a green energy source not only saves money but also reduces your home’s carbon footprint, a benefit that reaches beyond your power bill.

If you are ready to switch to solar energy or if you want to upgrade an existing system with a battery for solar power storage, you can rely on the team at Stada Energy to get the job done. We are here to answer your questions, provide you with options that will fit your needs, and complete your installation with efficiency and expertise.

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