The Advantages of Working with a Family-Owned Business

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What Makes a Business a Family Business?

A family business is loosely defined as a business that is owned and operated by two or more family members. Most family businesses are majority-owned by members of the family, if not entirely owned by the family. These businesses, unlike large corporations, tend to have a collective power dynamic rather than a top-level power limitation.

Stada Energy is a Coachella Valley based, family-owned business, with the collective energy and family-operated style that defines all family-owned small businesses. Our team is an extension of our family, and our clients are our friends. Working with our family-owned business here in Coachella Valley has several benefits, and we take pride in setting ourselves apart from the rest.

5 Things That Set Family-Owned Businesses Apart

There are several advantages to hiring family-owned businesses for your home services. You can count on us in ways that are vastly different from our big-business counterparts. What sets us apart is more than just the size of the business and the family resemblance in our employees. We are different because of:

  1. Trust: Family-owned businesses tend to receive a higher level of trust from clients and the public. This trust may be due to the trust in family values as both customers and business owners, which holds up in smaller, family-owned businesses as opposed to larger corporations.
  2. Customer-friendly: We are approachable, visible, and customer-friendly because we typically live, work, and play in the same places as our clients. You see us at the store and t-ball games, so we are more likely to treat you like we know you- because we do!
  3. Quality: Family-Owned businesses cannot afford to use, install, or sell cheap and discounted products, not because of cost but because we have to provide quality to stay in business. We understand that every interaction counts and that we must deliver value over discounts. We also tend to source from other local businesses, so we all work together to deliver the best in quality service and products.
  4. Extended Family: Employees are extended family in a small business, which fosters a sense of responsibility and ownership no matter their role. For this reason, our interactions with clients are handled with care, whether leaving a message with the front desk or working with our installers.
  5. Experience and Service: Family-owned businesses focus on the service and experience we provide. Because we are your neighbors and friends, we place top priority on a quality experience and service over transaction and exchange. We work to offer meaningful experiences that build the business-client relationship instead of focusing on getting each client in and out. Faceless, massive corporations are transactional while family-owned businesses are relational.

Our Clients Are Our Friends at Stada Energy in Coachella Valley

At Stada Energy, we consider our clients our friends, in fact we call our clients “friends” because we feel so strongly about it. We offer the trust, excellent customer service, and family values you can expect from a family-owned business. If you want stand-out service and trusted solar products, contact the Coachella Valley team of solar experts at Stada Energy for your solar needs today.

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