6 Benefits of Solar Battery Storage

Solar Storage Elevates the Benefits of Your Solar Energy System

Whether you are just now switching to solar or have a complete system and want to add batteries, solar storage lets you take full advantage of the energy your system generates. Solar batteries offer energy independence, energy security, and more. The Coachella Valley solar installers at Stada Energy can help you enjoy the benefits of solar and solar batteries, so you get the most out of your systems. Let our team help you increase your savings and decrease your carbon footprint with solar energy storage batteries.

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The Benefits of Installing Solar Batteries with Your Solar Energy System

Installing solar batteries helps you make better use of your solar energy production and provides vital peace of mind during blackouts and natural disasters. The benefits you can expect when you add batteries to your solar energy system include:

  1. Get the most out of your system. With grid-attached solar systems, you draw energy from the grid when solar production decreases or the sun goes down. Solar storage allows you to use excess solar produced during the day to replace what you would be pulling from the grid. Batteries give you more energy independence and more control over the amount of energy you use from the grid.
  2. Energy security. In areas where the grid goes down due to high usage, rolling blackouts, or instability, solar battery storage can help your home stay secure. With batteries, your excess solar energy keeps your home’s essential functions running even when the grid is down.
  3. Save money. Reduced energy bills are one of the most obvious reasons to invest in solar batteries. Utilizing your excess storage lets you pull from your production rather than using the grid as an energy backup. Adequate solar storage gives you the option of going completely off-grid if your area allows.
  4. Reduced carbon footprint. Solar batteries help you move closer to self-sufficiency because solar energy reliance reduces your contribution to pollution and helps you move towards a more eco-friendly and greener lifestyle.
  5. Low maintenance. When most people think of power backup, they think of generators. With solar batteries, you don’t have to worry about a generator or fuel to run it. (Remember, if the power goes out, you cannot pump fuel at the gas station to run your generator.) The lower maintenance option is solar batteries that do their job without fuel or need to purchase outside fuel.
  6. Increased property value. Investing in solar batteries along with your solar energy system increases your home’s value for resale or refinance. Access to renewable energy and backup energy during blackouts is a worthwhile investment for the future of your home, for you, and for the next owner.

Add Solar Battery Storage with Help from Stada Energy

Stada Energy provides solar energy systems and battery installation for our commercial and residential customers in the Coachella Valley. We want to help our customers get the most out of their new solar system, and with solar batteries, you can use your solar day or night. Let our team help you reap even more benefits from your solar energy system by adding batteries!

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