Garden Uses for Solar Energy

Using Solar Energy in Your Coachella Valley Garden

The benefits of gardening reach well beyond increasing your curb appeal, being shown to improve mental health, reduce stress, improve strength, and get a boost of vitamin D. Incorporating solar into your garden provides the bonus of using renewable energy, gardening sustainably and expanding your eco-friendly lifestyle. At Stada Energy, our Coachella Valley solar installers are happy to help you determine how your solar energy system can help power your garden lighting, décor, and watering system. We can help you make sure all of your home is energy-friendly so you can live sustainably from the inside out!

Call the Coachella Valley solar experts at Stada Energy for residential and commercial solar energy options. We can outfit your home with a solar energy system that suits your needs- indoors and out.

How You Can Power Your Garden with Solar

From lighting to watering, you can incorporate solar energy into your garden and landscaping, upholding sustainability and harnessing renewable energy.

  1. Use solar lighting. Solar lights can be used for large landscaping projects, to line walkways, for spotlights, and more. You can utilize solar lighting to add style, direct the eye, and enhance your back or front yard.
  • Solar path lights can illuminate a walkway so that you can see where you are going day or night. These lights can link together or be used individually, with tiny solar panels on each light, and will direct light down onto the walkway.
  • Solar wall lights are installed on walls to light up an area and are great for around the pool or along the side of the house.
  • Solar spotlights shine brightly onto trees, into a highlighted garden area, or illuminate greenhouses.
  • Solar floodlights can be installed to provide bright light to a large area, perfect for motion detection and security.
  1. Install solar irrigation timers. These types of timers are perfect for small gardens and greenhouses. You can set solar timers for irrigation at specific times and for your desired duration. They work much like regular irrigation timers but are powered by the sun.
  2. Power your garden tools with solar. Just a few solar panels, strategically placed, can power the tools you use in your garden, including leaf blowers, trimmers, pressure washers, and pond pumps.
  3. Decorate with a solar-powered fountain. Solar fountains come with a solar kit that converts sunlight into energy, often including a solar battery so that the pump can run at night.

Stada Energy Offers Solar Solutions in the Coachella Valley

Solar at home helps you take advantage of renewable energy, provides energy independence, and gives you the freedom to use energy how you want to. From powering your garden to your whole home, Stada Energy can help you discover the perfect solar options for you and your family. We can work with your budget to build a system that powers your home, incorporating what you need for your energy usage. Let our Coachella Valley solar energy installers help you become energy-independent while reducing your environmental impact.

Go green in the Coachella Valley with solar energy systems from Stada Energy. Call our Coachella Valley solar installers at Stada Energy today.