How Solar Power and the Grid Work Together

Grid-tied solar energy systems are set up to connect to your community’s electricity grid. One advantage of being tied in is that these systems do not have to connect to or rely upon a battery storage system when they need extra power. With a grid-connected or “on-grid” solar system, you share your solar energy with your neighborhood, and the two systems work together.

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Grid-Tied Solar Systems Work with Your Local Electric Grid

On–grid solar systems are the most common solar systems in homes today. These systems export excess solar generated by your solar panels to the grid for others in your community to use. When your home needs more power than what is generated by your panels, the grid supplies the extra power.

Grid-tied systems differ from battery or off-grid systems in two ways:

  1. They use grid-tied inverters. These inverters have to be able to communicate with the grid, allowing your system to supply your home with energy first and the grid second.
  2. They don’t need batteries. These systems do not require battery storage, meaning that they will be less expensive and simpler to install.

Your grid-tied solar energy system allows you to share your solar energy with the community, earning you credits with the electric company to use when you need more power than your system produces, at night, or during high-use times.

This two-way relationship has the added benefit of net metering. Net metering allows homeowners to earn bill credits for every watt of excess solar energy supplied to the grid, with the credits reducing or even eliminating electricity usage charges. With net metering and solar energy sharing, excess solar production can offset heavy usage billing.

Pros and Cons of On-Grid Solar Systems

There are pros and cons to installing an on-grid solar energy system.


  • Lower installation cost
  • Fast payback
  • Reliability
  • Net metering savings


  • No energy during blackouts (no storage)
  • When the grid goes down, the systems turn off to prevent electricity from flowing to the grid from your panels (safety for electric workers during blackouts and emergencies)

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