The Benefits of Cleaning Your Solar Panels

Solar Panel Cleaning Benefits in the Coachella Valley

Once you invest in the purchase or lease and installation of solar panels, you have access to solar energy at your fingertips. This energy is generated best when your solar panels are clean and working at maximum efficiency, so they need cleanings from time to time for optimal production. Regular solar panel cleanings help your panels work when you need them and allow for easy inspection and maintenance.

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4 Benefits of Cleaning Your Solar Panels

There are several benefits to keeping your solar panels clean and free of debris. From a clean aesthetic to protecting your warranty, it is worth it to have them professionally cleaned.

The benefits of cleaning your solar panels include:

  1. Your warranty. Depending on your solar panel manufacturer and installer, regular cleanings may be part of your warranty conditions. Regular cleanings can help prevent malfunction and allow you to inspect your panels so you can stop any service issues as early as possible.
  2. Efficiency. Cleaning your panels helps to ensure the overall efficiency of your solar energy system. Clean panels are best for light absorption.
  3. Increased durability. Environmental contaminants like grains of sand, dust particles, and debris can eventually contribute to wear and tear if you don’t clean your panels regularly and properly. Cleaning your panels can help prolong their lifespan.
  4. Aesthetic. Dirt and dust-covered panels can reduce the aesthetic appeal of your home. Proper maintenance can make your home’s exterior more appealing.

What Causes Dirty Solar Panels

Wind and weather can deposit many different forms of debris onto your polar panels, especially in summer storms like we experience in the Coachella Valley.

Over time solar panels may be covered by:

  • Dust
  • Dirt
  • Debris: plants, rocks, animal droppings, air-bound trash
  • Water spots or residue

When to Clean Your Solar Panels

There are certain times that it is a good idea to schedule solar panel cleanings:

  • Clean your panels during or after autumn months, when fallen leaves are abundant and may inhibit their solar energy production
  • Clean your panels in late spring when the pollen count slows down, when there is less air pollution depositing pollen on your solar panels
  • Clean your panels after dust storms, or anytime there is evidence of debris or dirt on the solar panels

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