Adding Additional Solar Panels to Your Existing System

Expanding Your Existing Solar Energy System in the Coachella Valley

When you switch to solar, you immediately decrease or even eliminate your electric bills, but there may come a time when you need to increase your solar output. Changes to solar energy usage may occur due to additions to your home, purchasing an electric vehicle, or installing additional appliances.

If you are considering updating your system and installing new panels, it is time to speak with the professional solar installation team at Stada Energy. We can help you understand your system needs, how they pertain to additional panels, and how this will affect your solar energy use. Let us build a new or upgraded solar energy system for your home!

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Coachella Valley Solar Energy System Modification

Adding solar panels may require modification to your inverter and other components to enable them to handle the increased solar energy. This is also a good time to consider updating old components or adding a battery bank for solar energy storage.

Consider adding new panels when your energy needs have changed due to:

  • Switching to all-electric appliances
  • Your family has grown, or you have more people at home
  • Purchasing an electric vehicle
  • Your local utility grid is overstressed or unreliable
  • Utility pricing has dramatically increased
  • Your existing solar system does not measure up to technological advancements

Before you purchase and add new solar panels, there are a few factors that you will have to examine and consider.

  • Available roof space. If you do not have available space on your primary structure’s roof, you may consider adding panels to a carport, shed, or other structural roof. You may also consider ground mounts if your property has space for them.
  • Inverter capacity. You may need to increase your inverter capacity with an updated inverter or add additional inverters.
  • Permits. Permits may be required when adding panels, specifically if you are changing your inverter or if you share excess energy with the grid.
  • Battery storage. If you already store your excess energy or have yet to add battery storage, this will be the perfect time to add additional storage or invest in batteries for your solar energy.
  • Existing system quality. Adding panels can be more complicated than you initially think if the existing system is older. There may be conflicting warranties, code violations, wiring issues, or incompatibility with existing components. Discrepancies with installation techniques due to technological advancements since your existing system was installed may require additional modification or work.

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When it is time to upgrade, modify, or add to your existing solar energy system, call the professionals at Stada Energy. We are equipped to inspect your existing system, determine what you can or can’t do to increase solar output and help you make the modifications that suit your needs. Our Coachella Valley solar installers are here to help you achieve your solar energy goals and move into a more efficient and green future!

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