The Future of Solar: Why California Must Restructure the Grid

According to an article sponsored by Southern California Edison, the reimagined California grid will allegedly integrate various changes in how electricity is generated, stored, and utilized. This plan is to include a massive adoption of electric-powered vehicles and “distributed energy sources.”

While software and hardware advancements have taken place in recent years, the architecture and design of the grid have failed to evolve at a similar pace. Now, Southern California Edison is suggesting major changes to the grid in an attempt to support the state’s impressive objective to remove or mitigate the demand, need, and reliance on fossil fuels.

A source states that Southern California Edison’s key changes outlined in their plan referred to as Reimagining the Grid includes:

  • “[R]ecognizing the increasing diversity of different regions’ needs”
  • “[M]oving from uniform grid architectures to more region-specific, modular grid designs”

What Reimagining the Grid Means to Southern California Edison

According to SCE’s website, Reimagining the Grid means the following:

Reimagining the Grid is SCE’s vision of this future grid. Reimagining the Grid is a comprehensive assessment to address how the grid must change to support California’s greenhouse gas reduction goals and the imperative for power to be carbon-free by 2045 — while also adapting to other needs driven by customers and climate change.

What Does This Mean for Homeowners and Business Owners in SCE Zones?

In short, SCE’s Reimagining the Grid does not include sufficient details to determine how this alleged new, reimagined grid will improve the livelihoods of business owners or homeowners in Southern California Edison zoned areas.

Switching to Solar is a Safe Bet

Without sufficient details or data, it is unclear as to how SCE’s Reimagining the Grid will actually help the general public. However, making the switch to solar is guaranteed to reduce the carbon footprint of homeowners and business owners and can also mean immediate savings on costly utility expenses. In fact, in the year to come, 2021, owners of residential solar and commercial solar panel systems can deduct 22% of the cost of new systems from their federal taxes.

Save Now (Don’t’ Wait for SCE’s Plan—Which Can Take Up Until 2045 to Roll Out)

At Stada Energy, our goal remains the same—provide our friends with top-tier solar products so they can start reaping all the financial and carbon-footprint-reducing benefits right away. Don’t wait for SCE to determine how they can help you—let the team who will help you get started right away.

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