What Size Solar Panel Systems Will My House Need?

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Your home’s solar energy needs will be different than those of your neighbors, so it is important to understand what you need energy-wise, how your family uses energy, and what your constraints are before deciding to go solar. The Coachella Valley solar energy professionals at Stada Energy can help you determine your energy needs and what kind of panels and systems will work best for you. Choose the panels, configuration, and battery storage system that will be the most efficient and most beneficial for your home with help from our team.

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3 Main Constraints with Solar Energy Sizing

There are three main constraints when designing and building a solar energy system. Before you purchase your solar panel system, you will need to consider:

  1. Budget. Be sure to express your budget to your installer so they are aware of the amount of money you are planning to spend. Your panels, placement, installation location, mounting system, and labor will need to be within your budget.
  2. Energy. Determine your energy usage using the guidelines below to understand the maximum usage in peak temperature months and the average usage your system will need to produce.
  3. Space. The roof space, or ground space, that you have available for solar panels and your battery storage banks is a major factor in the size of the system you can install.

By determining these constraints before starting shopping for solar, you will be better equipped to meet with installers and discuss your needs. The more informed you are of your power usage and budget, the easier it will be to express this information and be sure to get exactly what you want from your new solar energy system.

Determining kWh Usage for Your Home

To determine the kilowatt hours, you will need a calculator, a way to write down a few notes, and your electric bill records from the past 12 months or more.

First, look at the 12 months of electricity bills to create a full year number or picture of what amount of energy you use. Use this number to determine your peak usage as well as the average monthly usage of power in your home.

Determine your monthly average and peak usage, then use this information moving forward. Decide if you are going to be completely off-grid or tied to the energy grid in your area so that you know if you will have access to energy to offset your average in higher use months. Peak usage in the hottest months will determine the maximum amount you will need each month.

Divide your monthly average usage by 30 to get your daily kWh usage. This number determines how many panels you need to fulfill your home’s solar energy needs.

Solar Exposure and Peak Sun Hours in Your Area

You will need to consider the sun exposure in your area and how many hours of sun you will get each day. The angles of the sun on your home’s roof or ground installation area will affect how much peak sun exposure your panels will get.

Peak sun hours are important in figuring out the number of hours per day that your panels will produce maximum energy, getting the most out of your system when possible. (This energy received will either be used or stored for later use in your battery banks.)

Utilize this number of peak hours to get the number of max kilowatt output from your solar panels. Divide your daily kilowatt hours requirement by the number of peak sun hours to get kilowatt output, then divide this number by the output potential of each panel to determine the number of panels needed for your home’s usage.

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