Can I Determine My Energy Use Based on Square Feet?

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Your residence or commercial property’s square feet won’t tell you what your Coachella Valley solar energy usage would be. Other factors have significantly more influence. Knowing what they are can help decide which solar energy system you need.

Learning Your Coachella Valley Solar Energy Usage

A property’s size can play a role in your solar energy usage, but there are other aspects that carry more weight. Some are more specific to solar energy in the Coachella Valley, while others are more specific to your habits at home or commercial property.

Find Out How Much Energy You Use

Look at your monthly energy bills over the last year to get an accurate idea of your energy usage. Chances are, you’ll see usage fluctuates each season. For instance, your property may use more energy during the summer because the air conditioning unit is on more often.

Your bill will most likely show your energy usage as kilowatt-hours, or kWh. This information will help you and the Coachella Valley solar experts know how many solar panels your property needs.

Know Amount of Energy Coachella Valley Solar Panels Produce

Sun exposure affects how much energy solar panels can produce in a specific region. Based on SolarReviews’ daily peak sun hours chart, California has five to seven in-a-half peak sun hours.

Since the sun is frequently out in the Coachella Valley, we’ll multiply seven in-a-half by 30 to determine how many peak sun hours your property has in a month. The answer is 225, which signifies one kilowatt (kW) will produce 225 kWh a month for your property.

Calculate Size of Solar Energy System and How Many Solar Panels You Need

Knowing your monthly energy usage and Coachella Valley’s monthly solar energy production can help you determine the solar energy system size you’ll need. Calculate this by inserting those figures in the following formula:

Monthly kWh / Monthly Peak Sun Hours = kW of solar

The kW of solar will help the Coachella Valley solar experts gauge what size your residential or commercial solar energy system should be.

Now it’s time to find out how many solar panels your property will need. Convert kW to watts (w) by multiplying your kW of solar by 1,000. The formula is:

kW of Solar x 1,000 = w of Solar

Determining your w of solar allows you to calculate how many solar panels will power up your property:

w of Solar / Average w of Solar Panel = Solar Panels

Solar panel’s average w is between 250 to 400, according to Sunrun. Get a more exact figure by talking to the solar experts in the Coachella Valley.

Coachella Valley Solar Experts Can Determine Your Energy Usage

Your energy use depends on more than square feet. Consider all relevant variables to help get the best solar energy system and right amount of solar panels for your property. After determining your energy usage, Stada Energy’s solar experts can help you fully convert to solar!

Call us today to get help from the Coachella Valley’s top solar experts!