Why You Should Choose a Family-Owned Business for Solar Installation

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Corporations and other big solar installation businesses can operate with a know-it-all attitude. They might handle an installation project in a way that works best for them, rather than what works best for you. This approach can affect your experience, and even be intimidating.

From start to finish, the solar panel installation process should be enjoyable and stress free. That is exactly what solar experts employed by a family-owned company want to provide you.

Perks of a Family-Owned Coachella Valley Solar Panel Installation Company

You have several options when it comes to choosing a solar panel installation company to work with. The big ones’ status and marketing dollars may make them appear like your best bet. When you dig deeper, you could find a family-owned Coachella Valley solar panel installation business is what’s right for you. The perks of working with one could enhance the overall experience and result in a long-lasting relationship.

Understand Customers Better

Relating to clients is one of the strongest attributes of a family-owned business. Stada Energy’s owners and employees live and work in the Coachella Valley, just like our clients. These similarities are why solar experts from a family-owned business better understand you. Their lives align closer to yours than a big company’s owners and employees. Having more in common with customers is an advantage because it makes our business more qualified to provide clients with their energy needs.


A family-owned business hustles. It can never afford to slack off. Every job is significant and a make-or-break opportunity. Family-owned business owners and employees understand the stakes. That’s why Stada Energy works so hard to ensure every solar panel installation job in the Coachella Valley is done with integrity.

There’s also a mutual understanding between family-owned businesses. Stada Energy does its best to support others by sourcing what we can from other businesses in the Coachella Valley.

Company Culture Rubs Off on Everyone

Employees become part of the family at Stada Energy. This culture instills confidence in employees and proves to them how essential they are to the entire operation. Essentially, it increases the morale of everybody, including you. When you have employees who work for a company with this kind of environment, you can feel more confident you’re working with a team that truly cares about its customers and profession.

Staying Local and Choosing a Family-Owned Business Goes a Long Way

Supporting a local family-owned business can significantly impact how happy you are with your solar panels. As Coachella Valley natives, Stada Energy knows what our fellow residents expect from our services. It’s our passion and duty to deliver.

Have your solar panels installed by a team that understands you. Call Stada Energy in the Coachella Valley today to schedule your installation appointment.