Are Solar Panels Effective in the Winter Months?

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Solar panels not producing energy in the winter months is a common myth. Many people believe this because they’re under the impression solar panels depend on heat to produce energy. When in reality, they depend on the sun, not the heat.

It may surprise you to learn Coachella Valley solar panels can thrive when the temperature drops. So much, in fact, winter might be the time to look into solar installation.

How Coachella Valley Solar Panels Work During the Winter

Photovoltaic (PV) cells make up solar panels. They are units typically made of silicon that use particles of light, or photons, to produce energy. PV cells use photons from the sun to provide residences and commercial properties with power.

PV cells can operate more efficiently on cooler sunny days, a frequent occurrence during the winter in the Coachella Valley. That’s because photons and PV cells’ electrons have a greater energy difference the colder it is. When the energy difference between photons and electrons is greater, solar panels can work more efficiently than when the summer heat is a factor.

Solar panels producing energy efficiently without the heat differential is an added bonus of going solar. Here are a few other perks of having solar panels in the winter.


California has some of the highest electricity rates in the United States. Luckily, residents in the Coachella Valley and other parts of California can go solar. Switching to solar any time during the year can save you a lot of money annually, and having solar experts in the Coachella Valley install panels in the winter can increase these already high savings. SCE credits accumulate in winter due to reduced energy usage in the winter.

Prepares You for Summer

It’s no secret summers get toasty in the Coachella Valley. Intense heat can make your bills more expensive because of reasons like running the air conditioning unit more frequently. Finding ways to save during the summertime is difficult, but solar panels can make it easier.

Because solar panels’ PV cells can produce energy easily during the winter, your solar panel system will store extra, unused energy. Then when you need it to help keep you cool in the summer, it’s already there.

Go Solar in the Winter, Be Cool, and Save in the Summer

Winter is no reason to put off installing solar panels at your residence or commercial property. They are more effective and can provide you with benefits you’ll enjoy year-round, including increased savings because of lower power usage.

Have the Coachella Valley solar installation experts install your panels while it’s still chilly out. You’ll thank yourself once it warms up.

Stada Energy’s solar panel experts can help you save and power up your property. Call today to schedule your installation!