How Often Do I Have to Clean My Panels?

Cleaning Your Solar Panels in Coachella Valley Benefits You in the Long Run

Solar panels in Coachella Valley, at your home or place of business, save you money on your energy bill, use clean energy and, if they’re for your business, increase your bottom line.

It’s important to properly maintain your solar panels to enjoy these benefits for longer. An essential part of solar panel maintenance is cleaning them every six months to a year. Cleaning your solar panels once per quarter, so about four times per year, can extend how long you enjoy the perks of solar energy.

Stada Energy’s solar experts have over 10 years of experience cleaning solar panels in the Coachella Valley. Call us today to clean yours!

Get More Out of Clean Solar Panels

Cleaning your solar panels isn’t about making them look good, at least not entirely. A big reason why it’s so important to clean your solar panels is about maximizing their output. Dirty solar panels can see their output decrease anywhere from 2% to 50%, according to ScienceDirect. Examples of what can decrease your solar panels’ output are:

  • Sand
  • Soil
  • Calcium
  • Limestone

Cleaning your solar panels every three months a year can prevent these particles and others from lowering their output.

Avoid Damaging Solar Panels

Decreasing your solar panels’ output isn’t the only consequence of not cleaning your solar panels. Not cleaning your solar panels can also lead to damage. When dust or any of the particles listed above build up, they can prevent the solar cells from generating power. The result is a damaged cell.

Stada Energy Can Help You Clean Your Coachella Valley Solar Panels

Stada Energy strongly advises against washing your solar panels yourself because it can be hazardous. If they’re on your roof, climbing up there to clean them is already a risk.

Our Coachella Valley solar experts have the proper training and necessary experience, over 10 years of it, to properly clean your solar panels. Calling our team at Stada Energy to clean them for you guarantees your safety and leaves the job up to professionals who want you to enjoy the benefits of solar energy for as long as possible.

Properly maintained solar panels can save you money for longer. Call to schedule a cleaning with our Coachella Valley solar experts today!