Can Solar Withstand Extreme Heat?

Coachella Valley Temps and Your Solar Power System

The development of solar panels has come a long way from their first introduction in the 1950s. They have changed in efficiency, size, style, and durability. Solar panel manufacturers know that solar panels are going to be directly exposed to the sun for as much time each day as possible. This constant exposure year-round will inevitably expose the panels to extreme heat, especially in the Coachella Valley.

As the technology of solar panels and solar power systems advances, their ability to withstand high temperatures advances in kind. Solar panel advancements mean that extreme heat is not likely to damage your panels, but it can cause them to be less efficient. Although this is something to learn about, it is not something that should impact your decision to go solar.

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Solar Panels Are Made for the Sun

Solar panels are built to withstand ambient temperatures up to 149 degrees Fahrenheit. Panels are made of immensely durable materials that have been put to the test for even the most extreme weather conditions. With this in mind, it is important to remember that it is the light, not the heat, that generates power.

Your panel’s ability to withstand the heat and still produce energy will depend on the brand and the temperature coefficient. The temperature coefficient represents the percentage drop in energy output per degree that the temperature goes up. This number helps to explain the efficiency of the panel in higher temperatures.

It is unlikely that solar panels will get too hot to function, but they will get hot to the touch. Your solar panels will be hotter to the touch than the air outside, approximately 30 degrees hotter, with a maximum panel temperature of 185 degrees Fahrenheit.

Reducing the Effects of the Heat on Your Solar Panels

There are steps that solar panel installers take to reduce the effects of heat on your solar power system. The panel brand and style that you choose for your home can make a difference before you even install it. There are panels constructed with light-colored materials to reduce the absorption of heat.

During installation, panels are raised a few inches above the roof’s surface to allow airflow around the entirety of the panel. Additionally, installers will place the inverter and other components in a shaded area, when possible, to reduce their exposure to the heat.

Stada Energy: Your Source for Solar No Matter the Heat

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We know the heat in Coachella Valley can reach the extremes, and that solar panels can help you fight the heat by providing constant energy. With solar power, you can run your HVAC system during the summer months without worrying about high energy costs. Don’t let the worry of high temps and how they affect solar power efficiency discourage you from considering a solar power system.

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