The E.V. (Electric Vehicle) Revolution: Here and On the Horizon

Electric Vehicles Are the Transportation of the Future

As the affordability of electric vehicles increases and their maintenance requirements decrease, they are becoming a much more viable option for commuter and commercial use. The electric vehicle revolution is sweeping the states, especially as gas prices rise and resources continue to diminish.

At Stada Energy, our Coachella Valley solar professionals can help you make sure that your solar energy system can charge your electric vehicle. Our team can work with you to be more energy-efficient and utilize your solar energy system to its optimal capabilities. Solar and electric vehicles are a great pair, and at Stada Energy, we can solidify that match.

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Your Options for Electronic Vehicles (E.V.’s)

Electric vehicles are no longer limited to commuter sedans and SUVs. You can now find trucks, big rigs, transit buses, and tractor-trailers. Because their popularity is growing, the advancement of electric vehicles and how they can be charged are changing.

There are 3 categories of electric vehicles:

  1. Plug-In Vehicles: These electric vehicles combine gas or diesel with an electric motor and rechargeable battery. The vehicle can be plugged in to charge the battery when not in use, and the gas or diesel motor can charge the battery when in motion. These are also considered hybrid vehicles.
  2. Battery-Powered Vehicles: These are vehicles that run exclusively on electricity stored in their battery.
  3. Fuel Cell Vehicles: These vehicles utilize hydrogen molecules split into electrons to produce the motor’s energy.

For the electric vehicles that use rechargeable batteries, you can integrate their charging into your solar-powered home systems.

Solar Energy and Your Electric Vehicle

You can utilize electric vehicles with solar power charging stations for optimal energy efficiency. Charging your E.V. using your solar power system can save up to 50% on energy bills. You can choose between two ways to use solar to charge your vehicle: integrated or inverter/separate installations.

Integrated or streamlined solar charging is typically installed with your solar energy system from the start or integrated into an existing system. This option may save time and money but will not necessarily give you full control of the power.

Separate installations utilize an inverter, allowing you to be off-grid and have more control of the energy usage. (An inverter will be required for off-grid charging.)

For maximum charging potential, you will need to upgrade to a 240v outlet, using a level 2 charger. Level 1 chargers can take between 8 and 16 hours to fully charge a vehicle, while a Level 2 charger takes only 6-8 hours.

Keep Your Solar Energy with an Electric Vehicle

Electric vehicles are a great way to retain the excess energy produced by your solar panels. Charging your E.V. at home uses the energy that would otherwise go to the grid when you do not use it.

Charge your electric vehicle at night, when you are not using as much of your solar power at home. This allows you to pull energy from the grid as needed when it costs less or to use the excess solar energy while you sleep.

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