How Does the Wind Affect My Solar Energy

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The Wind’s Influence on Coachella Valley Solar Energy

Coachella Valley solar energy is affected by more than just the sun. Another natural element that plays a role is wind. Wind helps your solar panels produce more power but can also raise some concerns, making it more important the solar experts installing yours understand its impact. Coachella Valley receives a significant enough amount of wind to influence your property’s renewable energy source. Understanding how benefits you and your energy usage.

Stada Energy’s solar experts know how wind will affect your solar panels. Contact us today to learn more.

Boosts Efficiency

There’s no shortage of sun in the Coachella Valley. It’s out nearly all year, keeping us warm and helping solar panels power your home or business. Thankfully, we also have wind, which increases your solar panels’ efficiency. What may come as a surprise, panels operate more efficiently when they’re cooler because heat can cause electrical resistance.

Evidence of this is AE Solar found an approximately 34-degree increase in surface temperature can reduce efficiency by 0.14 percent to 0.47 percent. Wind can have the opposite effect by cooling down the panels’ surface temperature.

Increases Production

Boosted efficiency correlates with increased production.

It’s easy to think the sun has everything to do with how much energy solar panels produce. The reality is Coachella Valley solar panels don’t solely rely on the sun to generate power. As long as your solar panels are properly installed, wind has a large say in how much energy they generate. Being in the northern hemisphere, your solar panels must be somewhere southern winds blow. This can boost your solar panels’ output up to 43 percent and is part of why it’s important the right experts install yours.


Wind’s ability to uplift solar panels is another reason choosing the right solar experts is so important. If it’s blowing hard enough, wind can uplift solar panels installed above your roof’s surface.

Partnering with the right team minimizes the chances of this happening. Solar panels installed by experts from places like Stada Energy go through testing to ensure they can withstand conditions like severe wind.

Wind Can Boost Solar Energy in the Coachella Valley

Wind and your solar energy system will work together if the right experts install your panels. Stada Energy is a family-owned business that’s proud to help you and other Coachella Valley residents take advantage of renewable energy sources like wind and solar. Our team has the proper training to install your panels somewhere wind will work to their advantage and allow you to fully enjoy the benefits of solar energy!

Our Coachella Valley solar experts will properly and safely install your panels. Call us today to get your quote!