6 Top Questions to Ask Before You Install

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The Right Questions Prepare You for Solar Energy in the Coachella Valley

Investing in solar energy in the Coachella Valley is a big decision. It’s one you want to feel confident about before installing panels. Given that information about solar energy generally isn’t common knowledge, you’ll want to educate yourself on it before having your residential or commercial property rely on solar.

Having assurance you know enough about solar energy requires knowing which questions to ask. Answers to the top six are below.

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How will Going Solar Impact the Environment?

A feel-good benefit of solar energy is it reduces your carbon footprint. Other energy sources, like fossil fuels, warm the planet because they release carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere. Using solar energy lowers greenhouse emissions because your panels will use the sun as an energy source, as opposed to natural gas or oil.

In addition to protecting our atmosphere, solar energy can also lower water pollution. Fossil fuels cause acid rain, which pollutes bodies of water like streams and lakes. Coachella Valley solar energy allows you to keep water resources cleaner, too.

Will Solar Work for My Property?

Coachella Valley solar energy works for both residential and commercial properties, but it’s best to evaluate how solar would work with yours specifically. The number one factor you’ll want to consider is the amount of sun your roof receives. Any obstructions, such as trees or other buildings, can affect how much energy your solar panels produce. Fortunately for you, getting sun in the Coachella Valley is quite easy.

Will I Save Money Installing Solar Panels?

As if saving money on future energy bills wasn’t enough, the government will also give you a tax break if you go solar. The Federal Solar Tax Credit was extended through 2034, back in August 2022.

What does this mean exactly? Installing solar panels between now and 2032 gets you a 30 percent tax credit. If you wait until 2033, you’ll receive a 26 percent tax credit, and solar panel installation in 2034 earns you a 22 percent tax credit.

The Federal Solar Tax Credit has been extended multiple times since it began in 2006 because it incentivizes people to go solar. If this trend continues, you may have more tax breaks beyond 2034.

Do Solar Panels Require Maintenance?

Yes. To keep your solar panels producing energy at an optimal level, you’ll want the Coachella Valley solar experts to perform maintenance. This includes:

Taking care of your solar panels helps ensure you reap the cost-saving and environmental benefits of solar energy.

Who Should Install My Solar Panels?

Whether you’re new to solar energy or already familiar with it, who you work with plays a huge role in your experience. Working with solar experts, such as ones part of a family-owned business, you trust to install your panels correctly can allow you feel better about going solar. They’ll answer other questions you may have throughout the process and be there for you long after installing your solar panels.

Get Your Questions Answered and Solar Panels Installed

Whether you want to go solar to reduce your home’s carbon footprint or support your business, asking the right questions can provide you with the answers you need to feel good about installing solar panels. Research solar energy systems on your own before turning to the experts to receive clarity on what life would be like relying on solar.

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