Solar Vs. Wind Energy

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Why Coachella Valley Solar Energy is Your Go-To Renewable Energy Source

Wind and solar energy are both renewable energy sources. Each is an eco-friendly alternative to fossil fuels but have key differences. Coachella Valley solar energy utilizes the sun as a power source. Photovoltaic (PV) cells in solar panels absorb the sun’s radiation and turn it into electricity. Wind energy powers water pumps, residencies, and more using kinetic, or motion-based, energy. A turbines blade transforms kinetic energy into mechanical power.

Both are effective and good for the planet, but Stada Energy has identified a few reasons why solar energy in the Coachella Valley is more reliable.

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More Self Sufficient

All energy systems require maintenance. Some more than others. In this case, wind energy demands more attention than a solar energy system. Unlike solar panels, a turbine moves and is more likely to suffer damage from lightning and even high winds.

External factors like lightning and high winds are less worrisome with solar panels. Instead, you just have to prioritize cleaning them and the occasional maintenance visit from a solar expert in the Coachella Valley.

Increased Efficiency

Turbines can produce a significant amount of power, but only if there’s enough wind. No wind or light winds won’t do anything for a wind-based energy system. Solar panels, on the other hand, produce energy more consistently. With how often the sun shines in the Coachella Valley and because solar panels produce energy with no sun, you can depend on your system year-round.

Another way a solar energy system is more efficient is because of battery storage, which powers up your residential or commercial property with leftover, unused energy.

More Cost Effective

Reducing your carbon footprint is one reason to feel good about choosing solar energy. Another is you can save more money than you would with wind energy. One way solar energy saves you money is requiring less maintenance. Because it moves, a wind turbine is prone to more wear and tear, resulting in higher maintenance costs. Solar panels are immovable objects less sensitive to weather conditions.

On top of maintenance costs, wind energy systems are expensive initially. A 10-kilowatt (KW) wind energy system can add up to $75,000 before tax credits. The same-sized solar energy system costs less than $25,000 before tax credits, according to EnergySage and SolarReviews.

Use Coachella Valley Solar Energy to Power Your Property

Wind and solar energy are renewable, eco-friendly alternatives to fossil fuels, but one will serve you better than the other. Coachella Valley solar energy will power up your property, benefit our planet and save you money. Have a family-owned business install your panels so you can enjoy solar energy’s advantages.

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