What to Know About Energy Metering

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Energy Metering in the Coachella Valley Provides Valuable Intel

Energy metering in the Coachella Valley is the term for measuring energy use during a specific amount of time. Although you may not know it, you’re likely more familiar with energy metering than you think. The unit kWh stands for “kilowatt hours,” signifying how many kilowatts are used in one hour.

Utility companies use energy metering to invoice their customers and collect data. Energy metering allows them to understand how much energy is used during peak versus nonpeak hours, weekdays versus weekends, etc.

These measurements are important because they influence how we’ll use and distribute energy in the future, including renewable energy.

An energy meter can tell you more about your residence’s or business’ energy usage. Just make sure to account for the following before investing in one.

Energy metering can help you gain control over your energy usage. Contact Stada Energy today to learn more. 

Keep it Simple

Life is complicated enough without a complex energy meter. That’s why it’s best to invest in a simple, easy-to-use meter you know will get the job done. A good sign you’re looking at the right energy meter is if it uses open, industrial communication protocols. This allows them to communicate with other systems more easily so they can provide you more details about your energy usage.

Prioritize Accuracy

You’ll get the most out of your energy meter the more accurate it is. This is how to effectively identify ways to improve your energy usage and better utilize your existing energy systems. When shopping for your energy meter, ask a professional what an energy meter needs to operate efficiently and accurately.

Look for Features

While keeping it simple is important, your energy meter should also have modern, high-tech features. An example is a dedicated web service, which provides crucial data that leads to better decisions. Other features you can look for are:

  • Accessible data logs
  • Configurable registers
  • Threshold alarms
  • And more

Ask Our Solar Experts for Help with Coachella Valley Energy Metering

Energy metering in the Coachella Valley can provide you with incredibly useful data, but setting it up will likely require professional help. The intricacies of energy meters and importance of getting the right one are two reasons why Stada Energy’s support is so essential. Our team would love to help you use energy metering to stay on top of your energy usage.

An energy meter can help your property be more eco-friendly. Contact us today to get help from the experts!